Prenatal Care Services in Whittier, CA

Find the obstetrics and gynecologic services and infertility treatments you need with Women's Medical Group in Whittier, California. Along with 3D and 4D ultrasounds.


From prenatal care to assistance with natural childbirth, we have the obstetrics services you need. We specialize in high-risk pregnancies, and we can handle both vaginal birth and C-sections. Additionally, we offer endoscopic gynecology surgeries.

We provide the following services:
♦ Prenatal Care with Natural Child Birth
♦ High Risk Pregnancy
♦ Vaginal Birth After C-Section
♦ Family Planning

Gynecological Services

♦ Fibroid Treatment Alternating with Hysterectomies
♦ Recurrent Vaginal Infection Treatment
♦ Urinary Incontinence Treatment
♦ Menstrual Irregularity Treatment
♦ Laparoscopic Hysterectomies
♦ Pelvic Pain Treatment
♦ Vaginal Plastic Procedures
♦ Family Planning Services
♦ Tubal Ligation
♦ Menopause Treatment
♦ STD Treatment
♦ Endometriosis Treatment


At our practice, we provide artificial insemination from your husband or a donor, and we correct tubal obstruction. Along with tubal reversals, we perform in vitro fertilization, and we treat any complications promptly and effectively.

Contact us today in Whittier, California, to schedule an appointment for obstetrics and gynecologic services and infertility treatments.